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SPF offers better insulation value and eliminates air infiltration, which is as much as 40% of normal energy loss while Foam-Lok provides a continuous air barrier for your building envelope. The multiple benefits of SPF makes Foam-Lok the highest performing and time-tested insulation of choice.


We all know that the climate in Texas can be unpredictable, giving rise to problems which may affect the comfort of residents. This is why cooling and heating systems has become widely used and recognized in the area. But with this comes massive electric bills and harmful effects to the environment. Worry no more because we have something that can help solve all your problems. Introducing: Ecofoam Insulation and Roofing available in Harris County, TX.

Ecofoam Insulation and Roofing is Houston’s premier provider of ecofoam insulation in Harris County, TX and other places within a 100km radius from Downtown Houston. We provide different High Performance coating systems and we make sure that any unique conditions are taken into consideration. Upon application, Spray Polyurethane Foams (SPF) provide a monolithic or seamless blanket that displays outstanding reflectivity, adhesion, flexibility, and water resistance.

SPF provides a lightweight umbrella over new and existing roof substrates and is the only FEMA class 5 acceptable flood resistant insulation.

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The company was established in February of 2008 with the purpose of providing quality spray foam services. Our experience, paired with state of the art equipment, helped us become Houston’s leader in spray foam insulation and roofing industry. Our company is fully insured with a million dollar general liability, with a 2 million dollar umbrella. We are also very compliant to all the state rules and regulations making sure that all your investments are well protected. Call us today at 713-688-3757 to see how spray foam insulation is done right.

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Eco Foam spray foamed my attic and it has made a huge difference in the constant temperature of my home and lowered my electric bill. I highly recommend spray foam insulation. My attic stays within 10 degrees of my house temperature. I am able to store lots of items in my attic and not worry about the Houston heat damaging them. They were very knowledgeable and courteous. The job was done in a timely manner and all workers were professional and efficient. I have recommended Eco Foam to all my family and friends.

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Be one of Ecofoam Insulation and Roofing’s satisfied clients! Our ecofoam insulation services are available in Harris County, TX and nearby areas. Call now to get your free estimate!

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