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Have a Look at State-of-the Art SPF Building and Home Insulation in Harris County, TX

Ecofoam Insulation and Roofing is one of the pioneers in SPF building and home insulation here in Harris County, Texas. SPF insulation is spraying a liquid to a surface which then expands to as much as 30 times its liquid form. This completely covers the surface like a monolithic block, meaning that is a whole piece, eliminating the possibility of anything going through.

SPF insulation is a green building initiative that regulates your home’s temperature, helping you become energy efficient. SPF insulated walls reduce the need for usage of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment resulting in significantly lesser utility bills. It also has the capability to stop air and moisture from entering your home; thus, preventing the growth of molds. Dust and pollen, which can also pose a danger to your health, are also kept out. On top of all that, it can even improve the overall strength and durability of the structure. It is truly a must-have! Call us at 713-688-3757 or fill out the form on our contact page to get your own SPF building or home insulation in Harris County or other areas in DownTown Texas.


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